• Electro Vault

    The motive of this event is to gather the participants who are willing to solve, explore, and innovate the world of electronic circuits. The event will be followed by three levels, each

  • Chem-E-Car

    Chem-E-car is a technical cum fun event with basic knowledge chemical engineering aiming to run a model car on a chemical fuel based on a chemical reaction. Participants have to design

  • Chef O Circuit

    Living away from homes, cooking your own food can be a Hercules task but what will happen when you need to cook your own electrical recipe with a spice of few sparks and

  • Tech Astra

    In this new era of science and technology, coding is everything so we are providing an opportunity where students can showcase their coding and quick thinking skills to overcome a series of tasks given to them which are fun and also tricky.


    ROBOTICS event is a combined event of two events organized by Electronics and Telecommunication department of CV Raman College in association with Robotics Centre Of Excellence. The two events organised under the title

  • Nirmaan

    Ever felt like trying your hand at structure designing? Ever wondered how it would feel if you could construct something that could make a difference? An event to test the mettle of students to come up with a model of heavy load resistant

  • Debug A Thon

    Chain of clues will be given all linked to each other, participants have to reach the final destination within given time, Daily life computer errors/problems will be given,

  • Wings and Wind

    The competition involves RC aircraft with electric motors. The competition provides a platform to compete for different flyers through a series of different rounds doing different


    Business quiz is the game of question and answer. This game is to judge the knowledge of the participants towards the industries, companies and product. It also intends to judge

  • Build It