Meri Yatra

In this season of our annual technical fest we are going to motivate, enlighten and set you on track for the journey of being a successful inventor, entrepreneur and of course how to mould your ideas to an extent where it can produce some fruitful product.

We are organising a talk and our excellent speakers would speak about their journey, and how you can reach your goal that you have set in your mind The talk will be held on 25th January 2020.


Mr. Susant Pattnaik

The most ordinary and common people usually perform something very extraordinary and uncommon. Susant Pattnaik is one such young lad who hails from Bhubaneswar Odisha who is a serial inventor, serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker and has been awarded the President’s award six times. While still in his teens, Susant became one of the youngest speakers to have spoken at TED.

Today, he is no more the wonder-kid of the block but rather a social tech entrepreneur that the world is both inspired by and in awe of. Susant is also helping unsupported inventors take their creations to the next level.

Susant has spoken at more than 60 organizations like TED- India, The INK Talks- Lavasa, Fab-10 International Conference- Spain, ICAI Abu Dhabi Chapter, NASA- USA, Wipro and many more. He is frequent guest speaker in many events of corporates, NGOs, IITs, IIMs & renowned engineering colleges too. He is a complete package of motivation, inspiration and knowledge.

Susant's Achievements

  • Six times President of India Awardee (2008- 2013)
  • NASA Awardee- 2012
  • Golden Book of World Record Holder
  • Featured in MIT Tech Review, Deloitte etc.
  • TED- India Speaker- 2012
  • Delivered seminars at more than 60 organisations worldwide in last 2 years
  • and lots more...

Mr. Bodhisattwa Sanghapriya

Bodhisattwa Sanghapriya is an Innovator, inventor and entrepreneur based in Odisha. He is described as serial innovator. He works in diversified domains right from rural healthcare to rocket science to impact the society. Bodhisattwa is a two times Chief Minister Awardee for his innovations. He has also awarded by Union cabinet minister of department of science and technology (DST), Dr. Harsh Vardhan. Bodhisattwa was invited to Russia by Russian ministry of Trade and Aviation to represent India at World festival of Youth and Students at Moscow. He got the prestigious Molodo Zvezda( English meaning Youth Star) award from the Russian Federation for his contribution to space science. . He is the founder of VSSUT Student satellite team which is India's first and only multipurpose student rocketry team, Under the vivid leadership of him the team has own many prestigious international and National awards from NASA , ISRO , Limca Book of Records ,BRICS etc. Bodhisattwa was chosen as the founding secretary of Govt of Odisha Innovation cell established in his University (VSSUT,Burla) campus. Despite having numerous laurels to his name he would have himself known as a social worker. He is the founder of Honeybee Innovation Club Odisha which actively involve in promoting and scouting innovations from underprivileged and backward sections of the society. Bodhisattwa has developed several innovative devices and systems that has earned him recognition nationally and internationally. His revolutionary breast cancer early screening devices is a boon to cancer patients in low resources area where as his innovative Rail Sudhar APP can check corruption in Indian Railways.